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Placentia, CA

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#ExploreMyTown: Peters Canyon Regional Park, California

Johnny Nguyen

So we started something special this month with the launch #ExploreMyTown Adventures. As much as we'd all like to go big and go far with every adventure, sometimes that's hard to do when work, school, and life takes over. Now, with the #ExploreMyTown campaign, no longer do we have to wait for that one big adventure we planned for next year. No longer do we need to wait for the season to be perfect, or for work to approve that time off. No longer do we have to wait for adventure to come to us. Now, we're going to go out and explore what has been right around us this entire time. With the #ExploreMyTown campaign, we're set out to go explore what's right in our own backyards. There are so many trails, parks, sights, and scenes right under our noses and yet we've never had made the effort to explore it. Now is the time -- now is the chance -- now is when we're going to go out and really explore our towns and make ourselves at HOME.

The Moti Supply Co. team and supporters had the chance to visit Peters Canyon Regional Park located here in Orange, California. Not even 15 minutes from Moti Headquarters, this 340 acre park sits right up against the hills and yet we've never even heard about it? SAY WHAT?! So you know we definitely HAD to go out and explore it. 

What we took home from today's #ExploreMyTown adventure this feeling of being closer to "HOME," this feeling of adventure but right in our backyard. It was a sense of freedom, a breakage from the normal daily schedule. Now instead of mentally "waiting" for the next big adventure, we brought that feeling closer. Now, instead of waiting 5 months, we wait 5 days. It's really a fantastic feeling that you should go out and try! Then, let us know whats up when you do! Looking forward to seeing YOUR next #ExploreMyTown moment!


The Moti Supply Co.


Johnny Nguyen


Really stoked about this new tee I just handcrafted for you guys!


  • Minimalist "MOTI" logo on front
  • "Live Like There Is No Box / Live Adventurously" on back
  • Simple. Clean. Classic.
  • Ultra premium soft and durable tee - The Moti Standard

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The Moti Supply Co.

Introducing: The 2017 Moti Adventure Planner!

Johnny Nguyen


You showed us so much support when we rolled out our first wall calendar in 2015, and again with our desk adventure calendars in 2016. Well this year, we wanted to really up the bar and create something amazingly crazy for you guys. We've been working super hard in the Moti Creative Lab behind closed doors designing, creating, assembling, and testing, and we're finally done! The Moti Supply Co. is happy to introduce to you:


...we'll let that sink in for a moment.

Yup. I know.

Yeah. A planner. 


Yup. A full 2017 entire year ADVENTURE planner.

Yes, we made this entirely in-house.


While you catch your breath, let us show you what's behind the beautiful hand-wrapped faux-leather cover:

Featuring: Gold Spiral-Binding, Faux-Leather Cover, Gold Corner Protectors, 32lb 100-brightness Premium Paper; all printed & assembled by hand in-house

Monthly Calendar:

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Weekly Calendar:

  • Water Droplets Tracker to keep track of your recommended daily water intake!

To-Do, Important Dates, Birthdays, & Adventure Plans:

  • Included in each month so you can plan well!

Notes & Doodles:

  • Because everyone needs space to draw and be free!

Year in Review, Adventure Checklist, & Stub Holder:

  • Year in Review: jot down how your year went -- perfect way to reflect
  • Adventure Checklist: can't leave on your next adventure without it!
  • Stub Holder: great place to keep all your travel stubs & receipts

Pineapple Bookmark & Copper Book Darts:

  • Each planner includes: 1x Metal Pineapple Bookmark and 12x Copper Book Darts

Don't you love it when the best gets saved for last? In building this planner, we wanted to make it completely personal and unique to YOU. So, with each planner order, you get the option to personalize & customize it with the following optional features:

  • Custom Inner-Cover Images: send us 1 or 2 images and we'll print them on the inside of the covers
  • YOUR Important Dates: send us your important Anniversary, Birthdays, and other dates that you cannot afford to forget -- we'll make sure we print them throughout the planner

We really did it with this one. The 2017 Moti Adventure Planner is built around you, for you. Hope you guys make good use of it and continue to DREAM BIG. PLAN WELL. ADVENTURE FOREVER.

PURCHASE YOUR 2017 ADVENTURE PLANNER HERE (Available Saturday, 11/26 @ 8:00 AM PST)


The Moti Supply Co.